16-02-2015 - Direct Mail

E-commerce providers have to use their marketing budget in a targeted manner and avoid scattering losses as far as possible. When an increasing number of shops move onto the market, the costs for optimally positioned online advertising increase significantly. This means that printed mailshots become a genuine alternative for winning new online customers.

06-02-2015 - Magazines

We've shown various examples of how newspaper and magazine ads can make a link to online. QR codes, Augmented Reality, built-in CIM cards with a low-cost phone, digitally printed codes in magazines and now also a 'Like' button. Fashion company C&A developed an interactive ad in Brazil using the Facebook Like button.

06-02-2015 - Magazines

Magazines Canada has put together a very comprehensive overview of the strenghts of magazines. It presents detailed data on the performance of magazines in Canada, the role of magazines in a number of key product categories, an overview of variuos studies about the effectiveness of magazines and the role of digital magazines.

06-02-2015 - Customer magazines

It’s been likened to getting water to flow upstream, or unscrambling an egg. But however back-to-front it sounds, in an era where print publications have flocked to the web to cut cost and find ways to cash in on online income, there are pure play website publications which have done the exact opposite by branching successfully into print.


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